Broken Keys

When opening the main door key in your home or office, do you find that only a part of the key has come out? Are you locked out just because the key is broken? Nothing to worry! Just call us at Studio City Lock and Key, we offer 24-hour service. With our expertise in broken key extraction, we will reach your place less than 30 minutes to solve your issue.

What does broken key extraction service involve?

Broken key extraction is a service when a key is stuck inside the lock. Our service here will involve removal of the stuck key using the best tools. Our technicians will make sure that the key is safely removed from the lock without damaging it.

How do the keys break?

Keys break due to heavy pressure applied during the unlocking process. Also, keys break when they get old and have gone through many rotations in a lock. This is a natural life cycle of a lock and a key as you place torque on metal and have it slide past another metal.

Now, your question will be how did my new keys break? It has happened due to improper use. We at Studio City Lock and Key function as a 24-hour locksmith service. Also, we are committed to quickly reaching your place to relieve you of your tension.

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How to prevent keys from breaking?

If your lock was installed several decades ago, it is better to consider a replacement. The reason is that with age, the chances of keys breaking will increase. Further, when you have issues with your locking system like every time you will have to apply force to unlock, it is better to call us at Studio City Lock and Key. The reason is that when you regularly apply force, the key will break at one attempt or another.

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How do we do it?

Our team is experienced in extracting broken keys. Our locksmiths have complete knowledge about locks and keys and where the remaining part of the key has stuck. They will use the appropriate tools to safely remove the remaining portion of the broken key stuck inside the lock, thereby preventing you from doing anything. Our team will quickly relieve you of this situation.

After removing the broken key from the lock, our technicians from Studio City Lock and Key will suggest if a lock replacement is a better option for your lock. Otherwise, they will provide you with tips to prevent the breaking of keys in the future.

Call us at (818) 578-1072 today for the best solution to the broken key issue.