The first line of security is provided for any home or business arena by the locks fixed on the entry doors. If you cannot maintain and ensure the integrity of your locks, you cannot hope to restrict unwanted or unauthorized entry. So, our team at Studio City Lock and Key always encourages people to opt for a rekeying after they move to a new office/home. Also, we recommend rekeying after an unexpected situation like a loss of the key.

Rekeying to solve many problems

At Studio City Lock and Key, we generally recommend rekeying to our clients in the following instances:

  • When they have lost their keys and do not have any idea on who will have the access
  • When they have moved into a new home and have no idea who else has a duplicate set of keys.
  • After a separation or a divorce
  • When there are many keys for a particular lock in the home.
  • When they have given a spare key to the third person

In these instances, simple rekeying is the excellent and the most cost-effective solution to make sure that your home will remain protected.

Rekeying Services

For Rekeying Services In Studio City

Why do we recommend rekeying?

At Studio City Lock and Key recommend rekeying for the following reasons:

  • It provides enhanced security:
  • Get complete control:

When you choose to rekey the lock in your property, you can stay confident that you have complete control over, who can gain access to your property be it your residential or commercial property. So, we at Studio City Lock and Key recommend rekeying to enhance safety.


Cost-effective solution

Also, rekeying is a cost-effective solution as compared to losing the belongings of your property to a robber. From our experience in locksmith services, We at Studio City Lock and Key have found that rekeying is a time-saving task as compared to entire lock replacement. In addition, when you go for rekeying, you can retain the old hardware.

At Studio City Lock and Key, we are experienced not just in rekeying your home or office, but you can also contact us at (818) 578-1072 today for many other locksmith services. We can also handle your automobile rekeying and replacement just because you have lost your keys. Our team is experienced and we are available 24-hour to help you.