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Types of Locks locksmith

Types of Locks | Locksmith Studio City

Types Of Locks

Locks have been around for ages, helping to secure vulnerable valuables or prevent known criminals from more contemptuous behavior. They were developed by the Romans, unsurprisingly, and since that time locks have evolved into sophisticated mechanisms with intricate minute parts. Locks are commonly used today for virtually every facet of our lives. Our homes, our cars, our place of work; everywhere we go, there is a lock. There are four common types of locks that are used frequently in a multitude of ways in this day and age, excluding electronically encrypted locks. Padlocks, knob locks, levers, and deadbolts are the most popular options.


Unlike every other lock known to humankind, padlocks are not permanently attached to anything. They are independent, coming in various sizes and forms, and they are arguably the most useful lock type in existence. Padlocks either come with a key or have a specific combination, and each type has its own variations. Combination locks can have one, two, or even more dials that engage the lock when correctly used. Keyed locks can sometimes be rekeyed, convenient, and can either be key-retaining or non. This feature can be annoying because it forces you to leave the key inside of the padlock while it is open.

Knob Locks

These locks are arguably the most popular because they are frequently found in residential areas. Knob locks are used on bedroom and bathroom doors because they provide little extreme security but indicate a desire for privacy. Knob locks can be easily bypassed and should never be used for primary security purposes.

Lever Handle Locks

The commercial property cousins of knob locks, lever handle locks are found consistently in businesses and the like. They are significantly more handicap accessible, because they require significantly less dexterity to successfully maneuver. Some lever handle locks are clutch levers, which is often more secure than the traditional form. The clutch function renders excessive pressure forced against the handle to break the lock useless by letting the handle spin around when forcibly turned.

Deadbolt Locks

The epitome of security, deadbolts come in different varieties. Single-cylinder deadbolts are the most common, especially in America, because of their ease of use. The only problem with these deadbolts is that if the door is reachable from a nearby window or the like, an intruder can smash through the window and turn the lock from the inside.

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