Lock Malfunctions

Door locks in our homes and offices are part of our daily life. But, we do not put much thought into them until we face some issues with them. But, whenever a problem arises, we need them to be resolved as quickly as possible. The reason is that we know that they protect our property from intruders. Just in case you face lock malfunctions in a Studio City home, office, or automobile, you can contact our locksmith service named Studio City Lock and Key.

What types of lock malfunctions can we handle?

Be it home lock, office lock, or automobile lock; they are made with similar technology. As an experienced locksmith service, we at Studio City Lock and Key come across some common issues that lead to lock malfunctioning. Here are a few of them for your understanding:

Misaligned Door Latch

At instances, the latch does not catch the strike plate. It means that when the lock in the door has this issue, it will not properly shut and will not function smoothly. This issue can be adjusted by deepening the plat or by simply adjusting the strike plate.

The faulty door mechanism and distorted door are the other common lock malfunctioning issues.

lock malfunctions

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The key turns but does not lock

This issue can arise when there is an issue with the overall mechanism of the lock itself. If you know how door mechanisms work, you might try to remove the door lock and can check the mechanism for small fallen or worn parts. But, if you are not confident about handling it, it is better to call Studio City Lock and Key.

Misaligned Door Latch

The key is stuck and does not turn

This is also caused by a simple malfunctioning of the locking mechanism. When this happens, many people try to force the key to turn when removing the key from the lock. Without doing anything with this, call Studio City Lock and Key. Our professional locksmiths will professionally handle this issue.

Irrespective of the reason for the malfunctioning, at Studio City Lock and Key, we recommend you call us at (818) 578-1072 to handle the issue, be it happens in your home, office, or automobile.